Should You Lose Weight Before Liposuction?


Liposuction removes fat from the body. Nevertheless, losing weight before liposuction can still be advisable. Whether you need to lose weight before you get liposuction depends on your current weight and your weight goals. Trying to lose weight before any surgery is admirable, but there can also be some caveats.  You May Need to Lose Weight If You Are Over a Certain Weight Liposuction is intended to remove a significant amount of tissue, but even so, it can't do much for patients who are extremely obese.

23 July 2018

3 Procedures To Reshape Your Body After Major Weight Loss


Reshaping your body after a major weight loss is especially difficult because many people have significant amounts of excess skin all over their body. Some of the most popular procedures, like a tummy tuck, generally target the midsection and lower-body to help reshape your figure. Body Lift When people have significant excess skin after a major weight loss, they often need a body lift. This procedure helps reduce excess skin on the abdomen and lower body in a single procedure.

21 June 2018

Is Breast Augmentation Right For You?


If you've been thinking about getting a breast enhancement but you're just not sure whether the procedure is really right for you, there are a few things you can do that will provide you with the insight you need to make a final decision you're confident about. Consider taking the following steps. Schedule a Consultation Appointment It's a good idea to schedule a consultation appointment with a trusted doctor in your area so you can learn everything there is to know about the breast augmentation process and find out what to expect during the recovery process and beyond.

25 May 2018

Signs You Might Want To Consider Vaginal Tightening


One of the many forms of vaginal rejuvenation that some women opt for is vaginal tightening. This procedure is exactly as it sounds — a cosmetic surgeon will surgically tighten the opening of your vagina to a desired size. Women will often opt for this procedure after they're done having children, as natural childbirth can cause the opening of the vagina to increase in size. If you've recently heard about this cosmetic procedure and are trying to decide whether it's right for you, you can book a complimentary consultation at your local cosmetic surgery clinic to learn more about it.

26 April 2018

3 Helpful Tips When Recovering After A Tummy Tuck


If you have some excess fat that doesn't seem to go away no matter how hard you try, a tummy tuck may be a viable procedure. It's designed to give you a flatter stomach and improve your confidence. To ensure your recovery goes according to plan, consider these tips. 1. Get Some Assistance  After this procedure, your body is going to be extremely sore for the next couple of days. It may be so sore that you won't want to get up.

10 April 2018

Four Conditions For Which Botox Can Be Used


Botox is commonly used during cosmetic procedures to reverse the effects of aging, helping to make people look younger. Many doctors and healthcare professionals recommend Botox for other reasons as well. Here are four conditions for which Botox can be used. 1. Excessive Sweating It is completely normal for the body to sweat. In fact, it's actually healthy because it helps rid the body of harmful toxins, plus it helps the body to maintain a normal temperature.

22 March 2018

Three Advantages Of Combining A Tummy Tuck With Another Cosmetic Procedure


Many women are eager to reduce some of the weight around their midsection, and choose to do so through a tummy tuck procedure. A visit to your local cosmetic surgery clinic can thoroughly educate you about what this procedure entails, as well as give you realistic expectations about how you'll look and feel afterward. For some people, a tummy tuck is just one desirable cosmetic surgery procedure to consider, but they might not know that it's possible to combine a tummy tuck with someone else.

27 February 2018

Undergoing A Rhinoplasty Procedure That Serves As A Medical But Also Corrective Measure


If you continue to have breathing problems and you've tried all kinds of ENT medicines without much success, you can undergo rhinoplasty surgery to fix your nose, which may be the cause of your breathing problems. If you are considering cosmetic plastic surgery on your nose to possibly reshape it to your liking, it could very well be the shape of your nose and related other parts in your nose that are preventing you from breathing easily.

18 December 2017

Two Tips For Preventing Weight Gain After Liposuction


One misconception about liposuction is that it can help people lose weight. While it's true that liposuction does remove unwanted fat, doctors will typically only eliminate a maximum of 11 pounds for safety reasons. Additionally, the body will manufacture more fat cells as needed to replace the ones that were extracted. This means that you could gain any weight you lost back if you're not careful. Here are two tips for keeping the weight off after undergoing liposuction.

4 October 2017

Post-Partum Body Got You Feeling Self-Conscious? Learn How To Gain Your Confidence Back


Are you not quite feeling like yourself after having a new baby? You may feel less confident and more insecure about yourself now that your body has changed. Although it is perfectly normal for a woman's body to change during and after pregnancy, there are ways for you to gain that confidence back so that you can feel good about yourself while raising your new baby. Exercise Regularly Did you know exercise could help you improve your mental and physical health?

31 July 2017