3 Things For Diabetics To Know About Duodenal Switch Surgery


According to Diabetes Self-Management, people with diabetes often have a hard time losing weight. Because of this, many of them will turn to bariatric surgery to help them successfully eliminate the extra pounds. Of all the options available, a duodenal switch (DS) appears to be the safest and most effective type of surgery for diabetics. If you are diabetic and are interested in this, here are three things you should know.

7 November 2014

Venous Ulcers And Sickle Cell Disease: What You Need To Know


Venous ulcers are a common health problem. They have many causes, including obesity, diabetes and hypertension. One cause of leg ulcers that is not often discussed is sickle cell disease. Because leg ulcers are common in people who have sickle cell disease, learning about them can be an important step in your healthcare. If you're dealing with the effects of sickle cell, here's what you need to know about leg ulcers.

6 October 2014