3 Things For Diabetics To Know About Duodenal Switch Surgery


According to Diabetes Self-Management, people with diabetes often have a hard time losing weight. Because of this, many of them will turn to bariatric surgery to help them successfully eliminate the extra pounds. Of all the options available, a duodenal switch (DS) appears to be the safest and most effective type of surgery for diabetics. If you are diabetic and are interested in this, here are three things you should know.

What It Involves

DS surgery is a combination of two different types of weight-loss surgeries, which are the gastric bypass and gastric sleeve procedures. This surgery restricts the amount of food a person can consume at one time, and this happens because it changes how digestion occurs. During the procedure, a surgeon removes a good part of the stomach and changes the way the small intestine operates.

One result of this procedure is that a person cannot eat as much because he or she will feel full faster. Another result is that the person's body will not absorb as many calories. Because of these two effects, a person's chances of losing weight are greater with DS surgery than with the alternative options.

After you have this surgery, you may have to make some lifestyle changes, but if you are diabetic you may end up with better health after the procedure.

Why It Works For Diabetes

Anyone that has been living with diabetes will eventually become very accustomed to the strict routines of this condition. Diabetics must be cautious about what they eat and when they eat, and they must take insulin shots as directed by their doctors.

Because of this, people with diabetes tend to follow the doctor's orders after bariatric surgery better than people that do not have diabetes (or some other major illness). They are used to having limits, rules, and restrictions, and studies show that they tend to do better after bariatric surgery because of this.

People with diabetes tend to have trouble with weight, and people that are overweight may have a higher risk of developing diabetes. Because it is hard to lose weight, getting DS surgery can help a high-risk person prevent getting diabetes, and it may help a diabetic person more easily control his or her diabetes.

Med Page Today reports that one of the reasons other weight loss surgeries do not work well with diabetics is because these other surgeries promote fluctuations in insulin and glucose levels in the body. A person with diabetes needs these levels to be even, and DS surgery appears to be the only weight loss surgery that actually helps even these levels out.

What Results To Expect

According to recent studies, people who underwent DS surgery lost 50% more weight within one to years than those who underwent other types of medical weight loss surgeries. Here are some of the results that tend to be normal with this procedure:

  • Most people lose 80% to 90% of their excess weight afterwards
  • People with diabetes often no longer need insulin after the surgery, or they can reduce the amount used (if this is what the doctor orders)

You should realize that there are more risks involved with this procedure compared to others, and this is primarily because it is more involved and complex. Before you go through with this surgery or any other, make sure you choose a reputable surgeon to complete the procedure.

DS surgery can help you lose weight, and it may even help you get your diabetes under control. To learn more about this and other options, talk to a cosmetic surgeon that specializes in weight loss surgeries.

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7 November 2014

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