Caring for Your Eyebrows After Microblading


If you find that your eyebrows are too thin or maybe you simply want to make them more striking, you may have opted for eyebrow microblading. This semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo has garnered popularity among men and women alike as it helps one achieve voluminous eyebrows that inadvertently enhance their appearance by framing their face. Moreover, microblading looks natural unlike alternatives such as penciling in your eyebrows. When done right, your new eyebrows should last you for several years.

24 June 2021

Which Type Of Filler Is Right For You?


Anti-aging skin fillers are a suitable option for you if you are thinking about taking your appearance into your own hands. You have so many options when choosing a facial filler that you might not know where to start. These tips will help you choose a filler based on your goals. Hyaluronic Acid Fillers One common filler consists of hyaluronic acid. This type of filler is best used to fill in wrinkles.

9 April 2021

Rather Than Implants, You May Want To Consider A Breast Lift


As women age, they sometimes notice that their breasts begin to sag. If this is happening to you, then your first thought may be that you should get implants to restore a more youthful look. There is a chance that implants are the right choice for you, especially if you want your breasts to appear larger. But if you actually care more about the position of your breasts than their size, there's another procedure that may be more appropriate: a breast lift.

4 February 2021