Rather Than Implants, You May Want To Consider A Breast Lift


As women age, they sometimes notice that their breasts begin to sag. If this is happening to you, then your first thought may be that you should get implants to restore a more youthful look. There is a chance that implants are the right choice for you, especially if you want your breasts to appear larger. But if you actually care more about the position of your breasts than their size, there's another procedure that may be more appropriate: a breast lift. Here's a closer look at this procedure, what it entails, and why it may be better suited to your needs than an implant procedure.

What is a breast lift?

A breast lift is a cosmetic procedure in which your surgeon removes some of the skin tissue on the upper portion of your breast. Once this skin is removed, the rest of the breast tissue is lifted up. Sometimes additional tissue is removed from around the breast capsule, too. Then, the incision is sewn shut. The result is that your breasts sit higher on your chest — probably where they did a decade or two ago! You can work with your surgeon to decide just how far you want them lifted. Most women want them lifted far enough to create a youthful look, but not so far that they look unnatural.

When and why is a breast lift preferable to breast augmentation?

If you are generally happy with the size of your breasts, or if you want them to look just a little bit larger, a breast lift is preferable. There is less risk with this procedure since it does not involve inserting any foreign materials into your body. The recovery is also easier; your skin does not have to stretch to accommodate implants. Plus, there are no implants to worry about replacing one day.

When is a breast lift not the right choice?

If you want not only lifted breasts but also larger breasts, then you really do need implants to get your desired look. A breast lift may also not be appropriate if you plan on having more kids. While you will still be able to breastfeed after a breast lift, the experience will likely stretch out your breast tissue again and make a second lift necessary. Most surgeons recommend waiting until you're entirely done having kids to get a breast lift.

Hopefully, you now have a little more insight into the breast lift procedure, what it can do, and its limitations. Talk to a cosmetic surgeon to learn more.


4 February 2021

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