Caring for Your Eyebrows After Microblading


If you find that your eyebrows are too thin or maybe you simply want to make them more striking, you may have opted for eyebrow microblading. This semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo has garnered popularity among men and women alike as it helps one achieve voluminous eyebrows that inadvertently enhance their appearance by framing their face. Moreover, microblading looks natural unlike alternatives such as penciling in your eyebrows. When done right, your new eyebrows should last you for several years. But to ensure longevity for your new look, you need to take utmost care of your eyebrows for the first couple of weeks, as this time is crucial to their final look. To help you ensure that you are following the best aftercare regimen, here are things to avoid after getting eyebrow microblading.

Do not over-clean them

The most common mistake that individuals make is cleaning their face as they regularly do. The problem with this approach is that you are interfering with pigment so it does not get a chance to set into the dermis properly. Consequently, your eyebrows will start fading way before they are supposed to. Rather than dousing your entire face with water, you should gently cleanse the area around the eyebrows. Once this is done, you can then use antibacterial soap to lightly dab the eyebrows. This step helps keep them clean without you stripping the pigment away prematurely.

Do not put on any makeup

The second mistake to avoid is wearing makeup during the healing period. For starters, makeup is bound to spread the longer you have it on so it can easily smudge your eyebrows. When you attempt to clean this off, you will end up damaging the finished eyebrow microblading. Also, if you are using makeup and brushes that are not sterile, you increase the risk of bacteria making its way to your eyebrows and this puts you at the threat of infection. To be on the safe side, it is best to steer clear of all forms of makeup for at least a couple of weeks or until your cosmetician gives you the go-ahead.

Do not scratch the eyebrows

Similar to regular tattoos, freshly micro-bladed eyebrows tend to itch. This itching is normal since your skin is trying to heal itself, as it considers the procedure a wound. Thus, at the onset, your skin will be inflamed and this is indicative of the fact that it is trying to protect itself from infection. Gradually, the inflammation goes down and the skin starts to itch, which is what happens when new epidermal cells are produced. Irrespective of how uncomfortable this sensation may feel, you should never scratch your eyebrows or you will displace the pigment.

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24 June 2021

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