Tips For Reducing Bruises After Dermal Filling


If you want to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on your face or if you just want a fuller look around the eyes, cheeks, and mouth, then you may want to think about investing in some cosmetic injections with dermal fillers. However, these injections can sometimes cause a little minor facial bruising immediately after the procedure. Thankfully, you can easily reduce bruising issues with the tips outlined below.

Skip The NSAID Pain Relievers

Most medical professionals will tell you to stop taking aspirin if you have any sort of medical procedure scheduled. This advice is provided due to the bleeding risks associated with the aspirin. You may not know that it is also a good idea to stop taking ibuprofen and other NSAID pain relievers before something like a Botox injection as well. 

When a dermal filler is injected into the skin, your cosmetic professional will choose the gauge or size of the needle based on the thickness of the filler material. In most cases, a fairly small gauge needle can be used. These needles are ones that are between about 27 and 31 gauges, and sometimes even higher numbers can be used. This means that the needles are between about .4 and .26 millimeters in diameter. The small circumference of the needle helps to reduce capillary damage, and this stops bleeding and subsequent bruising. 

While capillary damage is minimal, some capillaries with be punctured when the filler is inserted. If you take an NSAID pain reliever before your appointment, then the medicine will inhibit the function of the platelets that are held within your blood. The platelets create blood clots and stop the capillaries from bleeding underneath the skin. Without good platelet function, blood will pool and create bruises. 

It can take a full 10 days for the platelet effects of aspirin to wear off. This means that you should stop taking aspirin at least 10 days before your dermal filler appointment. If you take ibuprofen, then the drug only affects platelet function for a few hours, so do not take it on the day of your appointment.

Skip The Exercise Regimen

Another thing that you should skip when receiving your dermal filler is your exercise regimen. You can likely get away with aerobic exercise before your appointment as long as you rest for 20 minutes or more afterwards. This allows your blood pressure to return to normal. If the blood pressure is higher than normal, then blood is likely to escape from the capillaries and cause a bruise to form. 

You do want to avoid exercise for at least a few days after your dermal filler appointment though. If your blood pressure rises significantly after your injections, then the platelets that sealed up the damaged capillaries are likely to be washed away by the surging blood and this can cause bleeding. Also, capillaries are better able to heal themselves with new tissues if blood flow through the vessels is minimal. Increased blood pressure means a higher volume of blood through the capillaries and the reduced ability to heal properly.

Along with skipping the gym, you should avoid any other activities that can increase the flow of blood to the injection sites. Do not massage your face after your treatment and also do not use warm compresses. You can use ice if you want though. This can reduce swelling and allow the capillaries to heal properly.

If you want to know about other ways that bruising problems can be reduced after dermal fillers are provided, make sure to speak with your cosmetic professional before you make your appointment. 


14 April 2017

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