Undergoing A Rhinoplasty Procedure That Serves As A Medical But Also Corrective Measure


If you continue to have breathing problems and you've tried all kinds of ENT medicines without much success, you can undergo rhinoplasty surgery to fix your nose, which may be the cause of your breathing problems. If you are considering cosmetic plastic surgery on your nose to possibly reshape it to your liking, it could very well be the shape of your nose and related other parts in your nose that are preventing you from breathing easily. In that case, you are in a position to have a rhinoplasty procedure that will correct the shape of your nose for medical reasons. In short, you can have a new nose to your liking that will correct your breathing problems.

Possibility Of Medical Insurance Coverage

There's the possibility that your rhinoplasty operation might be covered as a medical procedure rather than just cosmetic surgery that is not generally covered by insurance. Reshaping your nose to your liking can offer you an easier form of breathing at the same time. So discuss your interests regarding this issue with a plastic surgeon.

Consultation Meeting With Surgeon

Meet in consultation with your surgeon prior to planning cosmetic surgery. Note that both medical and corrective procedures can be performed during one operation. During the consultation meeting, your licensed plastic surgeon will assess how the surgery will positively impact the rest of your facial looks. Your surgeon wants you to have the best outcome, and it's important for your new nose job to enhance your other facial features.

Improved Shape That Keeps You Breathing Easily

You want an improved shape in your nose that also keeps you breathing easily. Your surgeon wants to maintain the architectural integrity of your nose. That integrity must preserve the structure and strength of the cartilaginous framework of your nose. If cartilage amount is scarce, your surgeon will graft cartilage from your septum or a rib to shore up cartilaginous areas in your nose.

Relevant Questions During Consultation Meeting

When you consult with your plastic surgery surgeon, there are some questions that you should ask, and these questions will help you to understand the procedure you're thinking of undergoing. The answers will prevent you from having overly impossible expectations.

Should you choose a larger or smaller nose? Find out what the plans are for that bump lying on your nose bridge. An upturned nose tip can be cute, but it has to enhance the rest of your facial features. So a pointy tip may be best for your facial looks. Ask questions about the preferred size for your nostrils. You should also talk about scars and if there will be any permanent scars following your rhinoplasty procedure healing. 


18 December 2017

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