Three Advantages Of Combining A Tummy Tuck With Another Cosmetic Procedure


Many women are eager to reduce some of the weight around their midsection, and choose to do so through a tummy tuck procedure. A visit to your local cosmetic surgery clinic can thoroughly educate you about what this procedure entails, as well as give you realistic expectations about how you'll look and feel afterward. For some people, a tummy tuck is just one desirable cosmetic surgery procedure to consider, but they might not know that it's possible to combine a tummy tuck with someone else. While each clinic may take a different approach to pairing procedures, you shouldn't hesitate to ask if you can have another treatment done at the same time. Here are three reasons that this is a good idea.

One Can Complement Another

Often, you'll find that getting two cosmetic surgery procedures done at the same time will give you the look that you desire because these processes are complementary. For example, while a tummy tuck is a perfect procedure for reducing some of the fat from your abdominal area, it won't typically reduce the fat from your sides, which are commonly known as your "love handles." If you don't like the idea of a slimmer abdomen but bulky love handles, getting both procedures done at the same time will immediately give you a favored appearance because of how well the two complement each other.

It May Be Cost Effective

Although you won't necessarily save money on the cost of two procedures by booking them together, this approach may still be cost effective in terms of affecting the amount of time that you take off work. When you have two procedures at the same time, both areas heal concurrently. If you need to take several days off work because of your tummy tuck, and several days off work because of your additional procedure, it makes sense to go through the recovery together. Alternatively, you'd need to take a block of time off work after each procedure, which would equate to more days missed.

Less Disruption

Pairing your tummy tuck with another cosmetic surgery procedure can result in less disruption to your family life, too. For example, you'll need to lie low as you recover, which can mean that your spouse and perhaps even other family members need to chip in more to take care of household duties. It's easier for these people to help out once while you recover from both procedures, rather than have to help out during two separate occasions. This can especially be true if you're having an adult sibling or a friend visit you to support you.

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27 February 2018

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