Signs You Might Want To Consider Vaginal Tightening


One of the many forms of vaginal rejuvenation that some women opt for is vaginal tightening. This procedure is exactly as it sounds — a cosmetic surgeon will surgically tighten the opening of your vagina to a desired size. Women will often opt for this procedure after they're done having children, as natural childbirth can cause the opening of the vagina to increase in size. If you've recently heard about this cosmetic procedure and are trying to decide whether it's right for you, you can book a complimentary consultation at your local cosmetic surgery clinic to learn more about it. Here are some signs that vaginal tightening might be right for you.

You Find Less Enjoyment In Sex

For many women, a tighter vagina can be a valuable component of pleasurable sex. When this part of your body is tight enough to press against your partner's penis, the sensation can be more pronounced and give you more satisfaction. While sexual intercourse with a looser vagina can still be exciting, you may notice that the deepness of the sensations that you used to enjoy experiencing have now diminished. Sexual connection with your partner is something that is important even after you've had children, and if you feel that a tighter vagina would restore some excitement to your sex life, this procedure might be right for you.

Your Partner Offers Negative Feedback

While you shouldn't be in a hurry to change a part of your body just because your partner raises an issue about it, you should be attentive to any gentle comments that he offers about your vagina. A vaginal opening that has increased in size can reduce the pleasure for your spouse, given the lack of tightness around his penis during intercourse. This may be an issue not only if you've had children, but also if your partner's penis is below-average size.

You Struggle To Hold Tampons In

Some women find that it's difficult to hold a tampon in their vagina after they've had children. The last thing you want is to feel as though this sanitary device is slipping out of your body, especially if you're in public and can't immediately address the problem. The result could be severe embarrassment for you. Vaginal tightening can be an asset when it comes to keeping a tampon in, putting this sensitive problem in your past for good. Talk to a local cosmetic surgeon for more information.

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26 April 2018

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