Should You Lose Weight Before Liposuction?


Liposuction removes fat from the body. Nevertheless, losing weight before liposuction can still be advisable. Whether you need to lose weight before you get liposuction depends on your current weight and your weight goals. Trying to lose weight before any surgery is admirable, but there can also be some caveats. 

You May Need to Lose Weight If You Are Over a Certain Weight

Liposuction is intended to remove a significant amount of tissue, but even so, it can't do much for patients who are extremely obese. The amount of tissue to be removed could be prohibitively dangerous. Instead, a doctor might recommend a gastric bypass or similar surgery first, and then the liposuction later.

This shouldn't be discouraging. Liposuction is an end stage process that doesn't just remove fat from your body; it also sculpts it. If you're over a certain weight, you're just going to need to engage in some other procedures first.

Generally, You Want a Stable Weight

If you aren't extremely obese, dieting may not help. In general, doctors want you to have a stable weight before you engage in liposuction. If you're steadily losing weight, a doctor may question whether you need the procedure at all. Struggling to lose weight when a liposuction is coming up probably won't help much and may just put you under additional stress before your surgery.

Of course, you also don't want to be gaining weight. A doctor may decline a liposuction procedure if they've detected that you are gaining weight. The fear would be that once you have the liposuction procedure done, you would continue gaining until you reached the same weight as before. This would render the entire process irrelevant.

Liposuction Can Be Done for Those With a "Few Extra Pounds"

It should also be mentioned that there are less invasive types of liposuction procedure, such as laser liposuction, that can be done even for those who want to lose a few troublesome pounds. It's not required to have a lot of weight to lose before you commit to a liposuction procedure.

Liposuction is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get the body that you really want. You just need to make sure you're following a complete treatment plan, which will also include what your goal weights should be and what your new dietary restrictions may entail. Your doctor can go over your treatment plan with you to make sure you're on course.


23 July 2018

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