3 Things to Consider if You're Thinking About Plastic Surgery


Fuller lips, a better chin contour, or a more shapely torso are all popular plastic surgery goals, but what else should you consider before going under the knife? If you are considering a surgical procedure to boost your appearance, consider these three things first.  

1. Surgeon Experience and Reputation

Before you work with anyone to accomplish your physical goals, it is important to find out whether or not they have the experience and portfolio necessary to complete your procedure. Look for a board-certified plastic surgeon with a good reputation, and don't forget to check things like state licensing status and recent claims for litigation. 

Talk with family members, friends, and coworkers about the procedure you are thinking of having, and ask for recommendations for plastic surgeons in your area. Interview more than one surgeon to decide which doctor is the best fit for your specific set of needs. 

2. Estimated Recovery Time

Most surgical procedures have some downtime associated with the operation, so find out how long you might be out and plan accordingly. Work with your employer to take the prescribed amount of time off of work, and make sure you will have all of the help you need before the big day. 

For instance, if your procedure is significant and will require the use of heavy pain killers, you will need to be driven home from the hospital and help taking care of yourself at home until you recover. Think about whether or not you can take the right amount of time off, and if you have access to people who can help you as you focus on getting better. 

3. Associated Risks

Like any medical procedure, plastic surgery comes along with some inherent risks. Talk with your doctor about the most common risks involved with your surgery, and whether or not you are at risk for developing those conditions. 

For instance, if you have a history of developing infections, significant surgery may need to be something you can avoid if possible to keep yourself in good health. Other people have a tendency to develop high, raised scars, so those things should be taken into consideration. Be honest about your medical history so that doctors can give you an accurate assessment of your risk level. 

Having plastic surgery is a decision one should never take lightly, so turn to a certified plastic surgeon in your area for advice. In addition to talking with you about treatment options, they may also be able to answer your other questions, making the planning portion of your treatment much easier. 


30 April 2019

Getting a Chemical Peel

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been a daddy’s girl. Now that my father is getting older, I’m starting to worry more about his health. Because he worked outdoors for decades, I was happy when my dad recently started to visit a dermatologist. This medical professional discovered that my dear dad had several skin cancers on his face. This individual removed my father’s skin cancers by burning and freezing them. He also recommended that my father undergo a chemical peel in order to prevent some of the cancers on his face from returning. On this blog, you will discover the health benefits of getting a chemical peel on your face. Enjoy!