Physical And Psychological Benefits Of Breast Reduction Surgery


Also known as mammaplasty, breast reduction surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that not only offers patients physical benefits but also psychological benefits. During your breast reduction procedure, your surgeon will remove excess tissue, skin, and fat from one or both of the breasts. In cases of severe asymmetry, only one breast may need to be reduced to match the size and contour of the other breast. Here are some physical and psychological benefits of mammaplasty to discuss with your plastic surgeon.

Physical Benefits

Breast reduction surgery can relieve chronic shoulder, neck, and back pain caused by large breasts. The pain is often so severe that many women need to take pain medication to ease their symptoms. Nerve pain may also occur as a result of large pendulous breasts placing pressure or impinging on a nerve, causing inflammation and diminished blood flow.

After breast reduction surgery, optimal blood flow will be reestablished and neurological pain will subside. Mammaplasty will also eliminate costoclavicular syndrome, which is also known as "bra strap syndrome." This can cause burning and tingling sensations in your shoulders and neck, and when your bra straps are too tight from supporting large breasts, you may develop indentations, irritation, and rashes underneath your bra straps.

If you smoke, your surgeon may suggest that you quit prior to your surgery. Also, if you have diabetes, your plastic surgeon will refer you back to your primary care physician to make sure that your disease is under control prior to your mammaplasty.

Psychological Benefits

Women who are not satisfied with their appearance may suffer from self-confidence problems. Large breasts that cause neck, shoulder, and back pain can lead to poor posture. If you are unable to stand up straight because of pain issues or if you aren't happy with how your clothes look because of your posture, mammaplasty may help raise your confidence levels.

Once your posture improves and you are more confident in the way your clothing fits, you will be less likely to suffer from social isolation, depression, and low confidence levels. It is important to note that if you feel that your self-confidence problems are related to factors other than your breast pain issues, you should seek treatment from a mental health professional for further evaluation and treatment.

To learn more about how mammaplasty can improve both your physical and emotional health, make an appointment with a plastic surgeon. He or she will explain the procedure to you so that you can determine if it's right for you. 


9 December 2019

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