Breast Augmentations Past A Certain Age: Should You Do It?


Breast augmentation is generally considered a mid-life surgery for women who have had all the children they intend to have or who have no intentions of ever having children. If you know that your family is complete and/or you are unlikely to ever become pregnant or need to nurse an infant, you can have breast augmentation. However, if you are past a certain age, a "boob job" may not be a worthwhile. Here are some more guidelines for this particular cosmetic surgery. 

Past Seventy

As you age, fatty tissue on your body increases temporarily while muscle tissue decreases. This is why parts of the body begin to sag, including your breasts. However, past age seventy, fatty tissue is also on the decline. The fatty padding in breast tissue decreases along with the muscle supporting fatty breast tissue past this age. With so little muscle to support a breast implant and almost no fatty tissue to enhance, it generally is not a good idea to get breast augmentation surgery as you head through your seventies and into your eighties. It is advisable that the latest age to get this surgery is before sixty-five, and the younger you are, the better. Your forties is optimum if you have your last child in your late thirties. 

Replacing Implants Later in Life

Breast implants are not meant to remain in place forever. In fact, your plastic surgeon will recommend that you replace them once a decade or sooner if the implants appear to be shifting out of place or you notice some puckering or deflation in size on one or both breasts.The older you get (see above), the more likely you may want to skip replacing the implants and consider fat transfers instead. A fat transfer moves fat from another area of your body (e.g., abdomen or buttocks) to your breasts so that they can be filled out and more round and help support the implants you do decide to replace. 

Stretching Older Skin

Another thing to consider with this surgery past a certain age is that skin begins to lose collagen, its natural stretchy fiber, starting in midlife. Skin can still be stretched, but it cannot bounce back as it did in your youth. If you do go through with this surgery in your forties or even fifties, opt for just one or two cup sizes bigger than you are to avoid stretching the skin of your breasts too far.  


20 January 2020

Getting a Chemical Peel

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been a daddy’s girl. Now that my father is getting older, I’m starting to worry more about his health. Because he worked outdoors for decades, I was happy when my dad recently started to visit a dermatologist. This medical professional discovered that my dear dad had several skin cancers on his face. This individual removed my father’s skin cancers by burning and freezing them. He also recommended that my father undergo a chemical peel in order to prevent some of the cancers on his face from returning. On this blog, you will discover the health benefits of getting a chemical peel on your face. Enjoy!