How An Expedited Treatment For STDs Works


One of the threats that you may face if you have suffered from an STD is the threat of reinfection from your partner. You may receive an STD treatment and be free from the STD but give this disease to your partner only for that person to pass it back to you. Repeated infections can increase the risk of fertility problems. However, there are, fortunately, expedited partner treatment programs available.

How an Expedited STD Treatment Program Works

If you have received a prescription, you will also be provided with a medication that can be provided to your partner. In the past, the partner would need to be evaluated prior to receiving a prescription. However, this is not always available to the other partner due to resource limitations. While not all clinicians use the expedited treatment program, it is simply an option that is available and is not a replacement for provider-assisted referrals when this is a possibility.

An Example of an Expedited Treatment

If you have been diagnosed and treated for chlamydia, your partner will be provided with azithromycin. This treatment is safe and has a 100% success rate with chlamydia if taken as directed. You will want to tell everyone you have had sex with that you were diagnosed with chlamydia. Provide your partners with pamphlets that explain the treatment. Also, encourage any of your partners to be tested for other STDs even if they have taken the medication.

Even if you're pregnant, you should take azithromycin. By taking it, you will be able to reduce the risk of your baby becoming infected, and the medication poses no risk to the baby. However, speak with your healthcare provider if you have any questions.

When to Have Sex

Avoid having sex until after you and your partner have been taking the medication for at least a week. This will reduce the risk that your partner will reinfect you. You may never know if your partner is infected because some individuals who are infected with an STD do not show any symptoms. Some partners might become angry if they find out about the STD.

Return Any Unused Medication

Do not take an unused medication if you fail to give it to your partner. Instead, only take your own medication. Do not give the medication to anyone else. Instead, make sure to return the medication to your doctor. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers STD treatments.


20 August 2020

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