How To Get Rid Of Mask-Caused Acne


With COVID-19 came the need to wear face masks just about everywhere we go. The only tricky thing about face masks is that they can cause things like acne breakouts; especially if you are wearing your mask for an extended period of time. If you are having a hard time getting rid of your acne, then this article is the perfect thing for you. From washing your face mask to using face wipes on the go, here are a few tricks that your dermatologist may recommend. 

Wash Your Face Mask

If you wear cloth face masks over and over again, then they are going to build up oil on them which is basically like you putting a used towel on your face every day. Not only do face masks contain oil, but they can also contain dirt and germs as well. To help prevent breakouts, try washing your face mask every day. If you need to, buy several masks so that you can rotate through clean ones rather than having to wear the same one a few days in a row. 

Wash Your Face

Because face masks aren't breathable, they are going to trap oil in your skin, which is going to lead to breakouts. Because of this, make sure that you are washing your face multiple times a day (or at least the lower portion of your face). If you are back in the office and aren't able to go home to wash the lower part of your face, consider bringing face wipes with you to help clean off any oil on your skin. Also, as soon as you get home for the day, take off your mask, throw it in the washing machine, and then wash your face with face soap and some water. 

Let Your Skin Breathe

Sure, you're not supposed to take your face mask off in public but that doesn't mean that you can't take breaks and go to your car or somewhere private and pull your mask down for a few minutes. By letting your skin breathe, you can help avoid those breakouts and hopefully have better-looking skin in the process. 

Because the virus isn't showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon, mask-wearing is going to continue to be part of our day to day lives. To learn more about how you can prevent acne breakouts, reach out to a dermatology office in your area today. 


20 October 2020

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